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Printheads – Fujifilm Starfire;
Color: 2 + CMYK or CMYK
The maximum resolution of DPI 1200 x 1200;
Print fields L 1 and L 2;
Printing height 30 – 3 mm;
Adjustable z axis depending on the height of the fabric to be printed;
Pigment – Q Jet ink is used
Neostampa – RIP photo printing program;
High quality besides normal business like 3D and Q-Jet hybrid paper;
Fujifilm Starfire printhead nozzles can be fixed and this feature provides longer printhead life.
It saves financial cost and production a lot.
Printheads (fully metal inside, outside, and original), and this feature provides printing for as long as possible,
Excellent spray force, and if the printhead is a little higher than the specified height, the printing effect is effective.
Printheads have a rolling internal system, which reduces clogged printhead.
8-head Q-Jet machine uses color. CMYK and the 12-head machine use OB + CMYK colors
The machine with 12 heads is of much better quality than other competitive machines

Excellent quality and price performance

Standard Features of BH-16 Oval Printing Machine

The transmission handles are more durable and stronger than steel
– Print height automatic settings
– There are no problems while designing a system to control the small mold
– The combing speed and speed can be set individually in each printhead
– Printheads have motors and mobile devices (Panasonic).
– SMC (Japanese SMC) Pressure Regulating System
Pull mops up to 99 with and without mop
Easily and quickly clean the mold and change easily and quickly
– The aluminum sheets that bear a lot and are not made of glass originally and were made
Specially for that
Hourly production capacity is 850 sheets / hour
– There is a separate control panel on all print heads
– It has the feature of double indexing at the same time
It has the ability to perform 3, 2 and 4 print operations at the same time
There is also excellent compatibility with the BH Flok unit
– And the most important feature of it is that the RAM does not cause any defect
Automatic adjustment to medium drying units
– There is a good sensitivity of 0.02 for high template prints
Maximum size from 500mm x 700mm up to 1600 x 1100mm
Two-way laser device
– There is a touch screen panel 10 inc
Pneumatic mold holding system
The movement design is high and open with a wiper

It is a new type BH-16 oval printing machine that produces using the latest technology, current printing stability for all BIHONG machines and has a long life, with innovations
Technology and low service requirements make a difference from other competing machines. It is characterized by a strong structure with heavy steel construction compared to oval printing machines, BH-16 It performs unobtrusive production process in rolls as it provides the maximum stability for printing with special production pallets.
Flawless printing, excellent speed and exceptional durability

Technical characteristics of the digital printing machine

The ideal implementation of oval and digital printing

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oval printing machines