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البيع – التركيب – التشغيل – وكذلك التدريب المقدم للعميل على الماكينة والضمان والصيانة هى من اهم صيغ التعامل معنا

Working with us

We strive for excellence in the field of maintenance and provide for the increasing needs of spare parts In addition to training and providing a distinguished team of technical engineers Experienced in all specialties.

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[wpc_custom_heading heading=”Testimonials” colored_line=”yes”][wpc_testimonial_carousel names=”Mr.Ahmed El sayed – CEO of DICE Company,Mr.Mohamed Mahmoud – General Manager of JUNIOR Company,Ms.Marwa El Ashry – Sales Manager of COTTONIL Company” images=”563,174,821″ carousel_autoplay=”yes”]I’m so impressed! What a remarkable people and company, they helped me to achieve my goal easily… Thank you Meyag Group for your big effort.

They treat their costumers in a very respectful way and they know well how to please them.

One of my friends told me about Mayag Group, I decided to work with them because my friends amazing review about their work.[/wpc_testimonial_carousel][wpc_custom_heading heading=”Our Clients” colored_line=”yes”]

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